Terms and Conditions

  1. File Instruction – files can be sent via facsimile 03 86760516, postal service or via email admin@peopletrackers.com.au peopletrackers doesn't take responsibility for files not received.
  2. Rates – The rates are charged for locate and for not locate files or standard file price as negotiated by client before commencement of work. The same rates will apply unless either party provides 1-month notice in writing.
  3. Time frame – The file turnaround timeframe is 10-15 working days. Any files that will exceed this time frame will be confirmed with the client.
  4. Reporting – Reports are sent to clients on a daily basis to the nominated operator.
  5. Located Report – A file is considered located when peopletrackers have confirmed a current residential or business address for the subject.  Where the debtor has passed away and we establish who the executor of the estate is or contact is made with the next of kin. Where the debtor is spoken with and refuses to provide us with his current address but does agree to contact the client company to discuss the account direct and we are able to provide the client with contact details for the debtor eg phone numbers, PO Box number etc.
  6. Not Located report – We have been unable to obtain the current residential or business details of the subject.
  7. Standard Report per file – Is a general full report on the searches conducted, inquires carried out and a full report on the information obtained through the investigation. This report can be either located or not located.
  8. Invoicing – peopletrackers do invoicing on a weekly basis and will be sent to the nominated contact. It will be up to the client to organise their internal structure to confirm details.
  9. Withdraw or Cancellation – A client can with draw a file at anytime as long as the file has not be completed, reported and sent back. Once the final report is sent to the client there are no cancellations and payment must be deemed. A not locate fee will apply for any files cancelled / withdrawn after 24 hour of People Trackers receiving the file.
  10. Credits/ Refund – Refunds or credits will only be provided to the client when a field report is provided or a signed statutory declaration is provided for the file.
  11. People Trackers will not be responsible for additional expenses incurred by the client which includes legal fees, process serving, field calls, and any other legal or client related costs if such information by People Trackers is deemed to be incorrect.
  12. Relocated / Reactivated - Files can be rechecked if the following occurs; * The wrong person has been found *The subject has left the address within 14 days on the date of report *The subject is not at the address provided
  13. Payments / Accounts – Invoices will be done on a weekly basis with a 14 day trading terms. 10% monthly interest accrual on accounts over 60 days old applies. Invoices over 90 days go straight to Small Claims for collection.
  14. Confidentiality / Security – All files are kept in a confidential locked cabinet after hours and are archived in a locked storeroom on sight for 6 months. After 6 months files are then stored at an offsite facility. All employees, contractors and other affiliates are required to sign confidentiality agreements and are not allowed to disclose peopletrackers or client information.
  15. Licenses / Registrations  - peopletrackers has all the appropriate licenses required to operate through the private agents register, work cover, and all other insurances required to run a company. This can be provided to the client upon request.
  16. Disputes - If a dispute arises in anyway in connection with this Agreement, a Party must not start legal proceedings until the mediation procedure has been exhausted.
  17. Update – Updates will be provided to the client with more than 10 active files on a weekly basis. Urgent updates can be emailed to admin@peopletrackers.com.au and a reply will be provided within 24 hours.